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Links related to car fuel economy:

Links to websites that can help you compare the fuel economy and other costs of cars. Since we ourselfs arent the specialists in this field we better show you where you can research for more information on this topic:

Here first I like to recommend: check out that site has allot of information and is set up easy so you can compare a range of car models relative to their fuel consumption and cost.

Clean Cities Sponsored by the US Department of Energy to support public and private partnerships that deploy alternative fuel vehicles and build supporting infrastructure. Includes how to get started, success stories, resources, and upcoming events.

Green Guide to Cars and Trucks Ranks cars and trucks according to environmental friendliness. Using this consumer guide, buyers can compare cars, vans, pickups, and sport utility vehicles by their environmental impacts, including air pollution, global warming, and fuel efficiency.

Next is this site here has an extensive section where they note: Saving money on gas is a concern for many drivers. There are several ways to save at the pump, from buying a more fuel-efficient car to adjusting your driving habits.

Of course then there is Kelley's Blue Book where you find out about new and used car prices plus many related articles on tips how to buy a new car and what to watch out for.

Check out also here from their Hybrid Car Gas Mileage Impact Calculator, a cool tool that helps you calculate gas consumption, fuel cost and emission of major pollutants. Great site that offer allot of information.

Then last but not least see this report from Compare mpg and save hundreds of dollars. You don't have to drive a small car or pay extra for a hybrid to save money at the pump

For more websites see here at the google directory the section of: Environment and Fuel Economy.


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